Sharpening Anvil

The Sharpening Anvil on AzeriaMC allows players to sharpened weapons up to the maximum of sharpness 30 using either Currency or Components.  Players can locate the Sharpening Anvil at /warp Sharpening_Anvil .

The Sharpening Anvil GUI is straightforward. Each time a player attempts to sharpen a weapon there is a chance for it to be destroyed. players can decrease this chance to as low as 0% by adding extra Currency or Components.

Costs to Sharpen

  • Sharpness 1 – 8
    Cost: Azeria Gold Coins
  • Sharpness 9 – 13
    Cost: Azeria Platinum Coin
  • Sharpness 14 – 24
    Cost: Prism Stone
  • Sharpness 25 – 30
    Cost: Blood Moss Clump