Custom Items

AzeriaMc presents a diverse array of custom items, catering to a spectrum of needs ranging from building and PVP engagements to facilitating smoother PVE encounters. These custom items are categorized into distinct tiers, each possessing its own distinct characteristics and benefits. Let’s delve into the tiers:

Common Relics: Discover the charm of everyday magical enhancements through our Common Relics. These unassuming items are delicately imbued with just a hint of mystic essence. While they may not be the stuff of legends, their modest bonuses can certainly make a difference.

Enchanted Artifacts: Elevate your experience with Enchanted Artifacts, where the enchantments are more pronounced, bringing noticeable improvements to your abilities.

Heroic Relics: Step into the realm of rarity and renown with our Heroic Relics. These treasured items bear witness to epic battles and carry with them substantial benefits. These items reflect the wields achievements by recording each kill.

Divine Relics: Prepare to be astounded by the mythic power of the Divine Relics. These are the items of ancient legends, whispered about in reverent tones.