A clan serves as a platform for players to join forces with fellow gamers. This collective allows for private communication through clan chat, the establishment of a clan home, and the activation of a clan beacon. Participating in Castle Battle of The Clans necessitates clan involvement.

Clan Beacon

The clan beacon is a block positioned at the clan’s home base. Interacting with it furnishes players with an array of clan statistics, such as rank, victories, losses, and more. So long as the clan beacon remains intact, a weekly reward escalates over time. If a rival clan destroys the beacon, it registers as a loss, causing the reset of rewards.

Additionally, the clan beacon accommodates the presentation of a 2×2 map art featuring the clan banner.

The banners of the ten highest-ranking clans find a place of honor at spawn, at /warp Clan-Hall. While creative freedom is encouraged for these banners (while adhering to server rules), any content violating server regulations should be avoided.

Clan Levels

The current clan structure comprises eight levels, each of which permits clan leaders to enlarge their member and ally counts. By default, a clan can accommodate a maximum of three members.


A tiered system of ranks is in place. New recruits initially enter as recruits, confined to clan chat access only and restricted from teleporting to the clan home. Progressing to member status grants access to clan chat and clan home teleportation. The officer rank follows, offering all permissions except for disbanding a clan. The pinnacle is the leader rank, endowed with all permissions.


  • /clan See all commands
  • /clan create <name> Create clan
  • /clan tag <tag> Define clan tag
  • /clan rename Change the name of your clan
  • /clan invite <player> Invite player
  • /clan accept Accept clan invite
  • /clan info View clan info
  • /clan find Look up clans
  • /clan promote/demote <player> Promote or demote player
  • /clan levelup Upgrade your clan to next level
  • /clan kick <player> Kick player
  • /clan pass <player> Transfer leadership
  • /clan leave Leave clan
  • /clan sethome Define clan home
  • /clan home Teleport to clan home
  • /clan alliance [add, remove, chat, mute, accept]
  • /clan motd Define clan motd
  • /c Send message in clan chat
  • /cl Lock clan chat
  • /disband clan Delete clan