Chat Filter

AzeriaMC is committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for players, especially younger ones, by default. The platform takes care to censor specific words that could be offensive or unsuitable. This default word filtering feature can be easily toggled on or off based on your preferences.

AzeriaMC values community input to further enhance its filtering system, so if you come across any overlooked words, your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Chat filtering capabilities go beyond just words. Alongside word filtering, players have the ability to customize and filter specific types of chats. This includes options to filter chats from whispers, clan messages, and more.


  • /chatfilter navles and disables the chat filter
  • /chat all Displays all messages
  • /chat clan Displays clan chat only
  • /chat system Displays all the system messages only
  • /chat whisper Displays private messages only