AzeriaMC offers an extensive selection of beverages available for purchase at their taverns, or adventurers can take the exciting journey of brewing their own concoctions using the recipes found in the /warp brewery recipe book.

For those keen on crafting, here is a general procedure that most recipes follow:


The first step involves the fermentation of fresh ingredients to create the base for the brew.

  1. Position a cauldron over a source of heat, such as a fire.
  2. Fill the cauldron with water.
  3. With a simple right-click, introduce the chosen ingredients into the cauldron.
  4. Allow some minutes for the ingredients to ferment and combine.
  5. Once fermentation is complete, use glass bottles to capture the resulting liquid.
  6. To keep track of fermentation time, utilize a clock on the cauldron.


It’s important to note that not all recipes require distillation.

  1. Place the bottle containing the fermented mixture into a brewing stand.
  2. Add a layer of glowstone dust as a filtering agent on the top of the brewing stand.
  3. Remarkably, the filter (glowstone dust) will remain intact and not be used up.


A barrel serves as the vessel for the aging process, enhancing the brew’s qualities.

The Minecraft Barrel, boasting six slots, is ideal for aging select brews. Here’s how to utilize it:

  1. Simply craft and place the barrel and put the brews inside.


When consuming these brews, the alcohol content has distinct effects on players. Depending on its quality, the impact can vary:

  1. Movement becomes challenging as players stagger, making walking in a straight line almost impossible.
  2. Various effects like Blindness, Confusion, and even Poison might occur.
  3. The in-game chat becomes a whimsical reflection of the player’s inebriated state, often leading to incomprehensible or nonsensical messages.
  4. For particularly potent brews, poisonous effects might manifest.
  5. Excessive consumption might lead to involuntary vomiting.
  6. After imbibing a significant amount, players might struggle to reconnect with their character after logging off.
  7. Overindulgence could even result in the player fainting, leading to an involuntary disconnection.
  8. Drink milk or sleep to cure.