Azeriamc has embraced the convenience of digital currency for its various shops and transactions. This digital currency system operates through two distinct methods: the bank and the wallet. The bank offers a secure repository where players can store their funds. Initially, players can hold up to $100,000 in gold coins within their bank accounts. However, players have the option to enhance their bank storage by utilizing banker’s vouchers, enabling them to store greater amounts.

Beyond mere safekeeping, the bank also facilitates the accrual of interest on deposited funds. As players elevate their account levels through upgrades, the interest they earn progressively rises. This setup incentivizes players to bolster their financial standing within the system.

Concurrently, players possess wallets that serve as active repositories for funds they intend to use for various transactions. Whether engaging in shop purchases, compensating fellow players, or receiving rewards from events, the wallet facilitates seamless exchanges. It’s worth noting that wallets have a predetermined upper limit of $999,999,999. Players must exercise caution as an element of risk is introduced; in the unfortunate event of a player’s demise (excluding special circumstances like events or battlegrounds), a percentage of the funds held in the wallet could be lost.


  • /wallet Shows the current amount of money in your wallet
  • /wallet send <amount> <player name> sends a set amount on money to a player
  • /wallet transactions shows a record of transactions by date
  • /bank withdrawal <amount> takes money from your account and puts it in your wallet
  • /bank deposit <amount> allows you to deposit money from your wallet into your account
  • To see the total amount of money in your bank account and other info visit /warp bank