Test your PVP and strategy skills in the “Labyrinth” event on AzeriaMC! Embark on an exciting journey through a maze of twists, turns, and challenges as you compete to claim the coveted dragon eggs and rise to the top of the leaderboards. Will you navigate the labyrinthine corridors with cunning and precision, or will you fall victim to the traps and other players lurking in the shadows?

How to Play

  1. Event Start: When the event begins, all participating players will be teleported to the mysterious Labyrinth. A 5-minute grace period will be initiated, during which players cannot attack each other. Use this time wisely to familiarize yourself with the maze’s layout and devise your strategy.
  2. Claiming Dragon Eggs: After the grace period ends, the competition intensifies. Dragon eggs will be randomly placed throughout the Labyrinth. Your objective is to locate and claim these dragon eggs. Upon picking up a dragon egg, you’ll start earning points for every minute you successfully hold onto it.
  3. Earning Points: Your points will accumulate with every passing minute you manage to retain possession of a dragon egg. The longer you hold an egg, the more points you earn.
  4. Player Interactions: While you can’t attack others during the grace period, once it ends, you’re free to engage in intense battles. Players have the option to target and eliminate opponents who are currently holding dragon eggs.
  5. Respawn Mechanism: Be wary of the risks involved in holding a dragon egg. If you’re defeated in combat while holding an egg, you’ll be swiftly transported to a designated respawn point within the Labyrinth. Unfortunately, you’ll lose all the points you accumulated up to that point.
  6. Victory Conditions: The event concludes after 30mins. At the end of the match, the top three players with the highest points will be declared winners and given rewards.

Tips for Success

  • Collaborate with others or go solo – choose the strategy that suits your playstyle.
  • Memorize the labyrinth layout to navigate it more efficiently.
  • Defend your dragon egg while also considering when to go on the offensive.
  • Be cautious of players who might target you for your valuable dragon egg.
  • Use the respawn point strategically to re-enter the game and regain your momentum.


1st Place: TBA
2nd Place: TBA
3rd Place: TBA