Castle Battle of The Clans

Prepare yourselves for a grand clash of clans in the thrilling event known as “Castle: Battle of The Clans” on AzeriaMC! Gather your allies and put your teamwork, strategy, and combat skills to the ultimate test as you strive to dominate the castles, claim foxes, and secure your reign over the realm.

How to Play:

  1. Clan-Based Competition: The Castle event is all about clan rivalry. To participate, players must be part of a clan. This event encourages collaboration and coordination among clan members and allies.
  2. Event Start: Once the event commences, participating players will be teleported to a unique world specially designed for the Castle event. This world contains four castles, each containing a fox.
  3. Claiming the Foxes: The primary objective for each clan is to claim the foxes within the castles. This is achieved by defeating the fox through combat. Once a clan successfully defeats a fox, they must then defend it from other clans’ attempts to recapture it.
  4. Earning Points: A timer of 30 minutes will begin once the Castle event starts. The clan must defend / claim the fox for the entire duration of the event.
  5. Multiple Castle Capture: Clans have the opportunity to claim more than one castle during the event. This allows clans to diversify their strategic approach, holding multiple castles and potentially earning more rewards.
  6. Weekly Rewards: The rewards associated with the castles will be distributed on a weekly basis. As long as a clan holds a castle at the beginning of each week, they will receive the rewards corresponding to the number of castles they control.

Tips for Success:

  • Communication: Effective communication within your clan is essential for devising strategies and coordinating your actions.
  • Balanced Team Composition: Ensure your clan members have a balanced mix of combat roles to tackle various challenges.
  • Castle Defense: Once you claim a castle, focus on fortifying its defenses to withstand rival clan assaults.
  • Timed Management: Be mindful of the 30-minute timer; allocate your resources and manpower strategically.
  • Alliances and Rivalries: Forge alliances or rivalries with other clans to enhance your chances of success or create captivating narratives within the event.


1st Place: TBA
2nd Place: TBA
3rd Place: TBA