Bait Battle of the Swamp

Prepare for an immersive struggle for survival and supremacy in the riveting event known as “Bait: Battle of the Swamp” on AzeriaMC! Armed with only your wits, a fishing rod, and your hunger for victory.

How to Play:

  1. Event Start: As the event begins, participants will be instantly transported to the bait world. Armed with a fishing rod and a supply of food, you’ll need to gather resources, gear up, and prepare for the trials ahead.
  2. Grace Period: For the initial 3 minutes, a grace period will be in effect, during which players are protected from attacks by others. Utilize this time to gather essential items, fish for valuable gear, and strategize your approach.
  3. Fishing for Survival: An essential aspect of Bait is fishing. Cast your line into the waters to reel in a variety of items, including food, armor, weapons, potions, and more. With over 40 unique items to fish for, every cast could potentially lead to a crucial advantage.
  4. Engaging the Swamp: As the grace period concludes, the battlefield evolves. Players are free to engage in player-versus-player (PVP) combat. However, beware, for the swamp is not just home to players. The followers of Grayform, a formidable entity, lurk in the swamp and will attack any who cross their path.
  5. Earning Points: Points are the currency of victory. Accumulate points through various means – fishing for valuable items, defeating other players in combat, and slaying the hostile mobs prowling the swamp. If you meet your demise, you’ll lose your inventory except for your trusty fishing rod, but your hard-earned points will remain intact.
  6. Shrinking Border: To intensify the chaos, every 5 minutes, the borders of the swamp will constrict. The land available for exploration and combat will diminish until only the central temple remains accessible.
  7. Final Showdown with Grayform: When the last border shrink occurs, the epic final showdown awaits. Grayform, the formidable boss, emerges from the shadows. You and the remaining survivors will have 6 minutes to take down this fearsome opponent. Inflict damage to Grayform to earn points, and deliver the final blow for bonus points.

Tips for Success:

  • Resource Management: Utilize the grace period to gather essential resources and prepare for combat.
  • Strategic Fishing: Cast your line wisely to secure valuable gear that can tip the scales in your favor.
  • Swamp Survival: Beware of both players and the followers of Grayform; remain vigilant to threats.
  • Combat Strategy: Gauge your battles carefully; focus on earning points through effective PVP and mob eliminations.
  • Final Confrontation: Work together to defeat Grayform in the final showdown for a chance to secure victory.


1st Place: TBA
2nd Place: TBA
3rd Place: TBA