Attack On Spawn

Gear up for a relentless battle against the forces of darkness in the event known as “Attack On Spawn” on AzeriaMC. As brave defenders, it’s your duty to thwart the menacing mobs’ invasion, safeguarding your cherished spawn from destruction and earning glorious rewards in the process.

How to Play

  1. Event Start: As the event kicks off, you’ll be able to teleport to spawn and prepare to repel the imminent assault of mobs.
  2. Relentless Mobs: Swarms of menacing mobs with destructive intent will spawn. These mobs are rigged to explode, presenting a perilous threat to spawn.
  3. Swift Elimination: Your objective is twofold – eliminate the hostile mobs before they detonate, and protect the spawn area from the resulting devastation. React quickly and engage in combat to prevent widespread damage.
  4. Safeguarding spawn: Each mob that detonates takes its toll on the spawns structure. Your task is to preserve at least 30% of the spawn area’s original integrity by systematically battling back the horde. Keep in mind that other players can choose to target you.
  5. Points and Rewards: For every defeated mob, you’ll earn points that reflect your contribution to the defense. These points will factor into your potential rewards, but there’s a catch. Only if players manage to preserve 30% or more of the spawn after the 30-minute duration will they be eligible for rewards.
  6. Top Defenders: At the event’s conclusion, the top 5 players who excel in defending the spawn will be celebrated as true heroes. Their dedication and valor will earn them rewards.

Tips for Success

  • Strategic Unity: Collaborate with fellow defenders to coordinate your efforts and devise effective countermeasures.
  • Swift Response: Act decisively to eliminate mobs before they reach the spawn, mitigating damage..
  • Balanced Defense: Balance your offensive actions with defensive strategies to safeguard spawn.
  • Reward Aspiration: Aim to maintain 30% or more of the spawn to become eligible for rewards.


1st Place: TBA
2nd Place: TBA
3rd Place: TBA
4th Place: TBA
5th Place: TBA