– Hacked Clients / Mods are not allowed.

Hack clients/ mods that you gain an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed and will be blocked by our Anti-Cheat system. There are a few mods that we do allow;

– Do Not Trade AzeriaMC Items OUTSIDE THE SERVER.

The trading, selling, of AzeriaMC items for money, or other services is not allowed. 

– Report Bugs/Exploits.

Abusing bugs not only gives you an unfair advantage over people, but it can also harm the server by not reporting them. Abuse of any type of bugs server-related, Vanilla Minecraft (e.g., Duplication Glitches, Item Values, etc.) will result in a permanent ban.

(Carpet/rail/TNT duping is allowed)

– Do Not Attempt to Damage the Server.

The creation of lag machines or anything that harms or interferes with the regular operation of the sever will result in a permanent ban.

– Do Not DOX/ Share a player’s personal information.

Do not share a player’s personal information without their permission. We take doxing of players very seriously, and releasing personal information will result in a permanent ban, or in some instances, law enforcement will be asked to get involved.


What is considered “Advertising?” Advertising can be anything that is trying to redirect players elsewhere, for example, another Minecraft Server or Discord Servers.

Despite the rules put in place, your account is your responsibility. Any infraction that happens on your account is your responsibility, and you are held accountable for it. Even if another person uses your account, we have no way of knowing it was actually them and not you. 

Please note that the rules above can change at anytime, players are recommended to look at the rules page regularly.