When the labyrinth event starts, players will be given a 5 minutes grace period where PVP has been disabled, allowing players to search for one of the 12 hearts spawned randomly throughout the labyrinth. After the grace period is over, PVP is enabled, and players can claim hearts by right-clicking them. This will give players 30 points per second while the heart is claimed. 

Claimed hearts will glow as long as they are accumulating points. When a heart is destroyed or the player claiming the heart is killed, the player will be given a 45second chance to reclaim it. If a player fails to reclaim their heart, they will lose all the points that have accumulated.


To join the event, it requires the player to be in a two player clan.


1st place – 15 Platinum coins, 8 Hydra Tooth, 5 Blood Moss Powder, 10 Repair Powder, 24 Enchanted Diamonds, 1 Gypserite Crystal

2nd place – 10 Platinum Pieces, 6 Hydra Tooth, 2 Blood Moss Powder, 7 Repair Powder, 16 Enchanted Diamonds

3rd place – 32 Gold Coins,2 Hydra Tooth, 1 Blood Moss Powder, 5 Repair Powder, 10 Enchanted Diamonds

3th – 10th place – 16 Gold Coins, 2 Repair Powder, 2 God Keys, 8 Enchanted Diamonds

Event Times:

  • Sunday 3pm EST  
  • Wed 2pm EST      
  • Saturday 5pm EST