The Clans on AzeriaMC are players grouped around private chat, shared clan home, clan alliances, and clan-specific events. It takes 1 Gold coin to create a clan. Each clan can have up to 10 players and up to 3 allies.


AzeriaMC’s clan’s roles are set up in a hierarchy structure. By default when a new player is added to your clan they are set as a recruit. Recruits are the lowest role and are limited to what they can do. See below for all the roles and their permissions.


  • Create clan
  • Disband clan
  • Promote users
  • Demote users
  • Kick users
  • Create alliance
  • Disband alliance
  • Enable/ Disable alliance chat
  • Set clan home
  • TP to clan home
  • Use clan chat
  • Set clan tag
  • Set clan MOTD
  • Pass Leadership
  • Invite user
  • Level up clan


  • Promote users
  • Demote users
  • Kick users
  • Create alliance
  • Disband alliance
  • Tp to clan home
  • Use clan chat
  • Set clan MOTD
  • Invite user


  • Tp to clan home
  • Use clan chat


  • Use clan chat


The Clans on AzeriaMC have been divided up into levels. As you level up your clan, (current costs one Gold gold coin per level) the number of allowed members/allies in your clan are increased. See the different perks each clan level has below.

Level I

3 Members

Level II

4 Members

Level III

5 Members

Level IV

6 Members

Level V

7 Members
1 Ally

Level VI

8 Members
2 Allies

Level VII

9 Members
3 Allies

Level VIII

10 Members
3 Allies


The basic AzeriaMC clan commands;

  • /clan – See this list of commands in-game.
  • /clan create – Create clan with given name (consumes 1 Dragon Crystal).
  • /clan tag – Create clan tag (1-4 letters short-name for your clan).
  • /clan invite – Invite player with given name to clan.
  • /clan accept – Accept clan invitation.
  • /clan info – View clan info (Clan name, tag, level, capacity, members and their ranks).
  • /clan promote – Promote member with given name.
  • /clan demote – Demote member with given name.
  • /clan levelup – Level up your clan (consumes 1 Dragon Egg).
  • /clan kick – Kick member with given name.
  • /clan pass – Transfer clan leadership to player with given name.
  • /clans – View a list of all clans on the server.
  • /clans – View info of the clan with the given tag.
  • /c – Message your clan.
  • /cl – Toggle lock into the clan chat channel.
  • /clan leave – Leave your clan.
  • /clan sethome – Set clan base.
  • /clan home – Teleport to clan base.
  • /clan alliance – Alliance management.
  • /clan motd – Creates clan message of the day.
  • /clan find – Lists the clans on the server/ clan info.