The Clans on AzeriaMC are players grouped around private chat, shared clan home, clan alliances, and clan-specific events. It takes 1 Clan Tolken to create a clan. Each clan can be upgraded to have up to 10 players and up to 3 allies.


AzeriaMC’s clan’s roles are set up in a hierarchy structure. By default when a new player is added to your clan they are set as a recruit. Recruits are the lowest role and are limited to what they can do. See below for all the roles and their permissions.


  • Create clan
  • Disband clan
  • Promote users
  • Demote users
  • Kick users
  • Create alliance
  • Disband alliance
  • Enable/ Disable alliance chat
  • Set clan home
  • TP to clan home
  • Use clan chat
  • Set clan tag
  • Set clan MOTD
  • Pass Leadership
  • Invite user
  • Level up clan


  • Promote users
  • Demote users
  • Kick users
  • Create alliance
  • Disband alliance
  • Tp to clan home
  • Use clan chat
  • Set clan MOTD
  • Invite user


  • Tp to clan home
  • Use clan chat


  • Use clan chat


The Clans on AzeriaMC have been divided up into levels. As you level up your clan, (current costs 1 clan Tolken per level) the number of allowed members/allies in your clan are increased. See the different perks each clan level has below.

Level I

3 Members

Level II

4 Members

Level III

5 Members

Level IV

6 Members

Level V

7 Members
1 Ally

Level VI

8 Members
2 Allies

Level VII

9 Members
3 Allies

Level VIII

10 Members
3 Allies


The basic AzeriaMC clan commands;

  • /clan – See this list of commands in-game.
  • /clan create – Create clan with given name (consumes 1 Dragon Crystal).
  • /clan tag – Create clan tag (1-4 letters short-name for your clan).
  • /clan invite – Invite player with given name to clan.
  • /clan accept – Accept clan invitation.
  • /clan info – View clan info (Clan name, tag, level, capacity, members and their ranks).
  • /clan promote – Promote member with given name.
  • /clan demote – Demote member with given name.
  • /clan levelup – Level up your clan (consumes 1 Dragon Egg).
  • /clan kick – Kick member with given name.
  • /clan pass – Transfer clan leadership to player with given name.
  • /clans – View a list of all clans on the server.
  • /clans – View info of the clan with the given tag.
  • /c – Message your clan.
  • /cl – Toggle lock into the clan chat channel.
  • /clan leave – Leave your clan.
  • /clan sethome – Set clan base.
  • /clan home – Teleport to clan base.
  • /clan alliance – Alliance management.
  • /clan motd – Creates clan message of the day.
  • /clan find – Lists the clans on the server/ clan info.