Exciting news, adventurers! The long-awaited 1.17.1 update for AzeriaMC is now live and fully operational. This update marks a significant milestone for us, representing one of the most substantial overhauls since the Summer of Sam. What initially began as a routine plugin update evolved into an extensive reimagining of our server’s architecture, complete with a fresh focus on its trajectory.

A Range of New Features:

Our dedication to refining the gameplay experience has led us to introduce an array of innovative features, many of which are a direct result of your insightful suggestions over the past year:

  • Marriage: Strengthen your bonds with new features, such as the ability to dissolve marriages if your partner is offline, enjoy regeneration when near your partner, and express affection through virtual kisses.
  • Clans: Command your clans with greater authority by promoting, demoting, and removing offline members. Enhanced information in /clan info and /clan find, along with streamlined messages, enhances clarity.
  • Profile Enhancements: Easily identify clan and marital statuses of players while being able to ‘like’ others.
  • Expanded Shops: Facilitate efficient trading by buying and selling items in bulk.
  • Enhanced Core: Reap rewards for tree felling and appreciate clearer messages. Engage with a refined chat system using filters like /chat all, /chat clan, /chat whispers, and /chat system.
  • Revamped TP System: Navigate the world conveniently with a new teleportation system.
  • Improved Homes Storage: Experience seamless home management with an upgraded storage system.
  • Custom Items: Dive into the game with a variety of custom items, featuring unique death messages and specialized tools like the Grappling Hook.
  • Labyrinth Upgrades: Stay informed about Labyrinth events through Discord announcements, and enjoy the thrill of mob spawns during the grace period.
  • Tutorial Hall: Welcome new players with an immersive and informative starting area.

Bug Fixes and Server Direction:

In addition to introducing new features, we’ve diligently addressed persistent bugs, such as the disappearance of homes and issues with /back command triggers. Extensive optimizations have been applied to each plugin, ensuring a smoother overall experience.

As for our server’s direction, after careful consideration, we’ve embraced a Semi-Anarchy approach. Under this ethos, almost anything goes, except for hacking and attempts to harm the server.

Looking Ahead:

With version 1.0 now established as a stable foundation, our focus turns to expansion and outreach. A dynamic trio of new events — Bait, Lost Mines, and Segie on Azeria — is set to captivate players of varied preferences. Whether PvP, PvE, or task-oriented, these events cater to diverse playstyles. In the pipeline, we’re resurrecting dungeons and introducing a leveling system, both laden with surprises to be unveiled in the coming months.

Your Contribution Matters:

To ensure the quality of our server, we encourage you to report any bugs or glitches you encounter. Your active involvement enriches our community and strengthens the foundation of AzeriaMC.

Thank you for embarking on this adventure with us, as we continue to forge an ever-evolving realm of possibilities.