Arena Winners

With the many requests for pvp arenas, AzeriaMC has decided to hold the very first contest “The 2020 Arena Building Contest.

Contest Closed

The winners of the arena contest have been chosen, a special thanks to our mystery Judge for taking the time to judge the arenas.

Prizes and participation prizes will be given out in the next day.

First Place

Dextroyerdex, Animechrono, and WibitWabit

Score: PVP: 5/5 Design 4.6/5

Second Place Winner


Score: PVP: 4.5/5 Design 5/5

Third Place


Score: PVP: 3.5/5 Design 4.5/5


1st Place Prize
Custom Weapons or Armor piece with a unique ability*.

2nd Place Prize
Custom named Weapon or Armor piece with the choose of 3 enchants*.

3rd Place Prize
30 Dungeon ingots.

All entries will receive a collector item for participating in the event

*Note Some restrictions do apply to custom armour and weapons and will be discussed with the winner.