Minecraft Mods

Before you decide to use any modifications, please understand that using them on AzeriaMC comes with risks. This includes the modifications we mention as examples in this guide. We can’t check every version of every modification, so we can’t promise that they all follow our server rules.

Allowed Categories of Modifications:

  1. Improving Performance:
    You can use mods that make Minecraft run smoother and faster, like ones that boost your FPS.
  2. Aesthetic Changes:
    It’s okay to use mods that make the game look different, like changing how things appear with shaders or using new textures. However, you can’t make solid blocks see-through or change your view in strange ways.
  3. Changing HUD Appearance:
    You’re allowed to tweak how the info on your screen looks, like adjusting your health and armor display. But you can’t add extra details that you wouldn’t normally have, such as maps or indicators for other players’ health.
  4. Adjusting Brightness and Gamma:
    You can use mods that make dark areas in the game easier to see by adjusting the brightness and gamma settings. This helps you see where you usually couldn’t.

Remember, if a mod doesn’t fit into any of these categories, it’s probably not allowed.

Modifications that are Not Allowed:

  1. Unfair Advantage:
    Mods that give players a big advantage are not allowed.
  2. Automation and Assistants:
    Anything that automates or helps with gameplay actions is a no-go. This includes using mods, software, or hardware to click for you, auto-sprint, or improve your aiming.
  3. Changing Server Interaction:
    You can’t use mods that change how your game talks to our server. Even if a mod is normally allowed, if it messes with how the game works with our server, it’s not okay.

If you’re not sure if a mod is allowed or not, it’s safer to assume it’s not allowed.