AzeriaMC is a place where everyone can have fun and be friendly. We have some important rules that all players must follow to keep things safe and enjoyable. By using AzeriaMC’s Server, or Discord, you agree to follow these rules;

How to Act:
We want players to work together and have a good time. Always treat others with respect. These rules make sure everyone feels welcome and safe.

Reporting Bad Behavior:
If you see someone breaking the rules, let us know. You can report players by using report form. This helps us make the game better.

Reporting Problems with the Game:
If you find something wrong in the game, like a bug, tell us. The more details you give, the better we can fix it. Learn how to report bugs in our Bug Report section.

Keeping Safe:
Make sure your game account is safe. Don’t share your account info with anyone. You’re responsible for what happens on your account.

Things You Can’t Do:

1. Chat:
Keep inappropriate language to a minimum, no spamming chat.

2. Ads:
Don’t tell people about other websites, servers, or social media.

3. Threats:
Threatening to or actively doxing, DDOSing, harassing or blackmailing others, sharing personal information, or sending malicious links.

4. Unfair Advantages:
Disallowed modifications, macros, bug abuse, exploiting, boosting, scripting, or punishment evading. View allowed and disallowed mods.

5. Game Play:
No encouraging rule-breaking, do not promote inappropriate builds or map art in the discord or server chat.

6. Trading:
Exchange of game items, currency, or services, for money is not allowed.

What Happens If You Break Rules:

Punishments will be given out based on the severity of the rule broken, this can range from community service, temp ban, to a permanent ban with all player data wiped. To see if you have had a temp ban / permanent bans check out the AzeriaMC ban list. Players are able to appeal temp bans / permanent bans through the Bans Appeals form.

Please note that the rules can evolve based on various factors, so we recommend players to regularly review the rules page for updates.