Frequently Asked Questions

AzeriaMC currently only support the Java Editon of Minecraft.

No; we feel that land protection removes some of the fun aspects of survival game play.

Yes! We even have items that help aid in griefing.

The server is semi-anarchy, and allows almost everything except cheating or trying to harm the server. Read the full list of rules to learn more.

The world is the standard 30,000,000 by 30,000,000 block.

AzeriaMC will always keep up to date on the most stable versions of Minecraft. We will skip updates if we deem them problematic or buggy.

Yes AzeriaMC has it’s official discord

AzeriaMC try’s to be a safe place, with this in mind we do censor most racists terms.

Spawn, PVP areas, Dungeons, and Event Areas all have keep inventory on. Dying in the wild does not.