AzeriaMC FAQ

AzeriaMC’s spawn exists within a distinct world. To access the primary world, known as “Wild,” there are two options available. You can either utilize the TP scrolls, which are provided when you initially join the server and can transport you up to a distance of 50,000 blocks, or you can make use of the Wild Portal located at the spawn.

in game do /help to bring up a list of common commands. If a particular feature has its own commands you can find them in the features section of the site.

AzeriaMC stands apart as a non-pay-to-win server, ensuring that all perks available for purchase within the store can also be earned through in-game activities such as playing, voting, participating in events, and more.

The World Size is your standard 32 million by 32 million blocks.

Yes, although AzeriaMC does not have any land claim system in place we do allow players to have a semi protected world to them self called Void Vaults.

AzeriaMC recommends players be 13+ due to some of the content on the server that is out of our control.

AzeriaMC has a discord that can be found here

The owners maintain a highly active presence on the server and frequently engage with its activities. If you encounter any concerns or possess suggestions that require a mod, we encourage you to explore the “Contact Us” section for the swiftest response.

No, please read the rules to learn more.

AzeriaMC does frequent updates to address bugs, tweak, and add new features. Updates to the latest version of Minecraft usally happen a few weeks after a stable version has been released and testing has been done.

If you wish to create content for AzeriaMC please contact us and we would be happy to arrange a reward for you.

Currently AzeriaMC does not offer playability for Bedrock players.