1.17 Update

The AzeriaMC 1.17.1 Is Out!

Whew… The 1.17.1 update is now done and live! This 1.17.1 update has been one of the biggest updates AzeriaMC has done since the Summer of Sam. What started as just us updating the plugins to 1.17.1, turned into us doing a massive rework of all the plugins, and coming up with a new clear focus on the direction of the server.

New Features

We took a lot of the suggestions made over the past year and tweaked/ implemented new features. Some of the new features are;


  • You can now divorce your partner if they are offline.
  • When you are close to your partner and looking at them, you get regeneration 3.
  • You can now kiss your partner by looking at your partner and crouching.
  • /marriage find <player name> will show if a player is married and the date they were married (date only available for marriages after the update.)


  • You can now promote, demote, and kick offline players
  • /clan info and /clan find have the clan level and member count
  • All messages have been tweaked to make them more clear
  • Clan token is now used to create/ upgrade clans


  • Shows if a player is in a clan.
  • Shows if a player is married.
  • you can now /like <player>


  • You can now buy items in bulk.
  • You can sell items in bulk (on available shops)


  • You can now get rewards for cutting down trees
  • All messages have been tweaked to make them more clear
  • New chat system where you can filter chat by /chat all, /chat clan, / chat whispers, and /chat system. 
  • New TP System
  • New homes storage system/

Custom Items

  • Most items now have custom death messages.
  • New Exp storing helm that can store exp and allow the player to use it later.
  • New Grappling Hook item, you can use this to get to place Ender pearls or Riftbaslde can’t get you.
  • /inspect while holding an item gives a history of when the item was created and by who (only for new items).


  • Labyrinth now announces when events are happening in the Discord chat.
  • Mobs will now spawn in Labyrinth after the grace period.
  • ┬áNew scoreboard that runs a lot better.

New Tutorial Hall

  • This is the area that players will see when they first join the server.

Bug Fixes

As well as adding in new features, we also fixed some of the nagging bugs we had hanging around. The set of bugs, homes disappearing (sorry Dex), and the /back not triggering has been fixed. We also made a lot of optimizations to each plugin (We learned how to use timing reports correctly!!) to make everything run a lot smoother.

Changes to Spawn!! 

Spawn has had changes based on player feedback. Like optimizing FPS (we tried and got it about 70% better), Making warps clear, and removing unnecessary NPC’s (Gronk is still there), as well aesthetic changes (shout out to Dex for helping out) using the new 1.17.1 blocks.

Server direction

We have wrestled with this for the past year flip-flopping from trying to make an RPG server. Then switching to a towny-based server, then saying survival. This flip-flopping has hurt the server in some ways with features being removed or tweaked poorly. 

Thus we have decided to go back to what our original plan was and have a Semi-Anarchy Server. There’s a lot of interpretation on what Semi-Anarchy means, AzeriaMC sees the meaning of Semi-Anarchy as everything goes except for hacking and trying to harm the server.

With this new direction firmly in place, we can now move forward with adding in new content.

What’s Next?

Now that version 1.0 of AzeriaMC is stable, and we are happy with where the server is at, we will be focusing on advertising more. “But there’s nothing to do!” you say. The AzeriaMC dev team has you covered! we have three new events planned The swamp of Belaqar, The mines of Targor, and Segie on Azeria each event will be either a weekly, daily, or random event. The events range in play style, some will be PVP, some PVE, and others will be task-based, a little something for everyone. In addition to new events, we will be bringing back dungeons and a leveling system, the new dungeons will be more competitive and give out different rewards based on certain conditions, the leveling system is under development and we don’t want to give too much away right now. All these are in the works and will be released over the coming months.


Do we wait another 3 months to get the 1.18.1 update???? No the only reason the 1.17.1 update took so long was the rewriting of plugins the 1.18.1 update will be a lot quicker it’s in the works right now.

That is all for now! 

Note: If there are any errors you experience after the 1.17.1 update, please don’t write in chat that there’s an error admin will not respond to these, please create a ticket on the AzeriaMC Discord, and we will try and take care of any issue as soon as possible.